Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Green Shoes, As Green as They Come

I need shoes.

No, really.  This is not a mad shopping urge.  This is a case of going barefoot if I don't find some shoes.  I've worn my two pairs of flip flops nearly paper-thin, and thanks to my advancing pregnancy, can no longer bend over to tie my Converse All Stars or old pair of Saucony running shoes.

So off we went to REI, where I snapped up the following: Simple Macaroons in certified suede, color green eyes.

The company strives to be 100% sustainable.  They readily admit that they're not there yet, but it's a noble goal.  They maintain guidelines for creating an ethical supply chain, related not only to the materials in their products, but the conditions in which they are created.  And much of the stuff of my new shoes isn't - it's recycled plastic or car tires or what-have-you.

We've also been buying Keen sandals for our son, attracted again by their sound environmental practices.  And the fact that the shoes are incredibly durable and practical - he's about to outgrow them, and there are years of life remaining.  Compared to his previous pairs of summer sandals, that's a miracle.

Not buying is, by far, the greenest of choices.  And buying second-hand is great, when it's possible.  But the odds of me landing on a pair of secondhand sneakers in my size isn't high, and the chances that I can take my toddler thrift-shopping enough times to find a pair for him?  Forget it.

For now, I'm sporting the greenest green shoes I've ever wore, and treading lightly on the Earth as I do so.

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