Monday, September 15, 2008

Is It or Isn't It: GreenRoom Eco

A few months ago, I went on one of my famous organizing sprees.  It involved having shelving installed in our office closet, and then purchasing a variety of binders, folders and other office equipage to hold all of our stuff.

The result is that I am fabulously organized - sort of.  But as I did this, I worried about whether or not my solutions were sustainable.  I know I could've achieved similar ends by opting for shoeboxes and second-hand file folders.  But I wanted it to be organized visually, and that's harder to do second-hand.  Plus, the amount of time it would've taken to find appropriately-sized folders at my local Salvation Army store?  I have free time, but I don't have that kind of free time.  And yes, I wanted my shiny new shelves to look good, too.  I am not beyond vanity.

So most of my purchases came from Target's stylish and sustainable GreenRoom Eco collection.  I'd forgotten about it until I happened to walk through the store this morning and spot their new designs.  They are, in a word, gorgeous.  I want them, even though I have nothing to write, wrap or store.

Seeing the designs made me wonder, though - how green was my paper?  They claim that they use 100% post-consumer paper (at least on the giftwrap I looked at today) as well as soy-based inks.  But their website feels a little thin, and I've never seen them anywhere except for Target.

I'm not questioning their claims - just wondering how deep the company's blood runs green.  Are they manufactured using sustainable processes?  They seem to be designed by a company called Clementine Paper, headquartered in Venice, California.  But there the trail runs dry.

And so I wonder, as I file another month's worth of paid bills and depressing quarterly statements from our investment accounts ... is this GreenRoom Eco line slightly greener than everything else?  Significantly greener?  Or about the same?

Inquiring minds want to know, but have no more time to Google search.

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